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Latest from the Blog

Last Wishes

I want to walk down a gravel road Hear stones crunching under my feet On one side Daisies and Black Eyed Susan’s On the other a field of swaying wheat I want to sit at an old picnic table Near a lake, in the woods, under trees That shouldn’t be asking for too much There…

Bought a Dog

Bought a dog a year ago,Thought id’ be some company ya know.Needed some noise and scuttle in the home,Wife’s been gone and I’m so alone. Thinking bout the trouble I’m in for,Cleaning up the messes on the floor.Feeding n’ grooming, worming n’ shotsCosting me more then I even gots. It’s been a year now and…

The Old Locomotive

I hear the train whistle blowing as it’s coming around Feeling so much excitement my heart begins to pound Another train is moving slowly on a nearby rail track One that is even bigger and has a larger smokestack I blocked my ears at the high pitched screeching sound Watching how the big spoked wheels…

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